by Scott Hampton on March 2nd, 2014

First off, it rather ticks me off that I got a diagnosis of Asperger's when I was about 38, and just about when I had managed to figure that out and determine what it meant and how that was helpful, "they" did a new version of the DSM and eliminated it. 

Not that I needed permission, or drugs, but I did think it was a pretty handy label for the weird mix of genius and ineptitude that makes up my daily life. 

Secondly, I've decided to embrace some of my "autistic" personality traits. Anything I write past that simple statement is going to offend someone or get twisted.

Thirdly, several times in the last six months I've had some of my advice or ruminations here taken, twisted, and thrown in my face during biz deals. So until I get the kind of exit that the folks in the SF Bay Area call "Fuck You Money", I'll do all my coaching and advising in person. Sorry about that. Apparently the whole social media and sharing culture is only for the neurotypicals, people that give a shit about pop culture, or clever marketing games. Since I'm not clever in those ways, I'm taking some time to work on my golf and meditation.

You see - the reason I haven't posted much in the last months is that my lawyers told me not to touch on anything related to real current biz, and my mentors suggested that my tone was too magisterial or professorial, and thus I had nothing left to say. I'll leave all my posts up, but if you want to learn about tools for fundraising, or thoughts about structuring your start-up, or ways to avoid getting screwed by VCs or co-founders, then you need to contact me directly. Try LinkedIn. 

This website will stay put for a while, and as the amount of my time dedicated to social entrepreneurism expands I hope to share those learnings. 

by Scott Hampton on January 16th, 2014

Recently we were asked what the rules were for CHIROPRACTORS and prescription interventional devices that do things like heat or electricity or ultrasound or IR therapy. 

If you thought dentistry had some interesting quirks, the system for chiropractors is a real mess. 

So, the device itself must be FDA registered and approved as appropriate for its classification. 

But chiropractor's aren't permitted to write prescriptions. Mostly. Sorta. It's not just an apples and oranges things, there's all kinds of random fruit-y-ness mixed in. This situation, it turns out, is state by state by state by state..... 50 some phone calls and website deep-dives later, we have the detailed info on this. 

Here's the takeaway, and feel free to get in touch if you want more info. The different rule styles include, but are not limited to:
  • In one state, chiropractors aren't permitted to use prescription devices like this.
  • In 17 states, chiropractors are explicitely permitted to use approved devices like this as long as their is no skin break/intrusion and no analgesic/anaesthesia. 
  • Three (3) states require special training and/or certification.
  • A couple of states specifically exclude specific types but not others.
  • A couple of states delegate this to chiropractic boards.
  • And a lot of states neither approve nor exclude/prohibit.
This reminds me of the situations in physical therapy and some areas of cosmetic dermatology. So, essentially, this is another one of those segments where you have to drill down to the state level in the USA. 

I blame the Founding Fathers! But all humor aside, this is a great example of the type of regulatory situation where you have to drill down at the state level. Similar situations are a lot more common in the EU, but now you know.

by Scott Hampton on December 31st, 2013

I've got a few Entrepreneurial Resolutions for the year:
  • Ask for more money - This year we're going to push on the raise side. Medical Devices has been really flat in terms of investment for quite a while, so if we are going to roll the dice we are going to ask for enough to go all the way to market. 
  • Pitch relentlessly - This year we're going full portfolio and pitching continuously, instead of treating it like a process, one innovation at a time, it's full-on roadshows. 
  • Take care of my own health -  2013 having been brutally busy with a full-on overload of personal business to wrap up  (relocation, etc.) this is the year for some quality time to exercise, play a bit of golf, and resume meditation. I'll be able to do the two things above if I keep my own personal energy high.
Since I'm Moffitt Cancer Center's Entrepreneur in Residence for 2014, I further want to add:
  • More coaching - I love teaching and mentoring, so this year I'm setting aside extra time to do what I can to help others innovate successfully. 
What are your Entrepreneurial Resolutions for the New Year?

by Scott Hampton on August 23rd, 2013

The trend I most hate in my country is the way that we are no longer citizens, we are merely consumers. We are no longer a public with shared goods and services which we improve to leave in trust to our children, hoping that their futures will be better than our present. We are just customers, and are supposed to care only about our own fates and experiences, with no concerns for the greater good or the future, and share neither rights nor obligations among ourselves. 

Once upon a time we transformed ourselves, with great tumult, into a country which expanded the franchise to all. We created programs so that there was a safety net, so that if you tried something new and it didn't work, you wouldn't lose all. We put in place systems to care for the old, the infirm, and the youngest among us. We dreamed that our children would have a better future.

We crossed the nation with railroads, then superhighways. Built great dams. Put a man on the moon. That is to say, we *changed* our lives though bold action and grand visions. 

Admittedly, grand visions also drove a lot of really wasteful and harmful things too, like the dispossession of the natives and the destruction of the landscape.

We know that our government has become a mere instrument of entrenched interests and casually invades the privacy of our communications. We know that almost all the wealth and resources in this grand country "belong" to a sub-fraction of our population, which has privatized away our shared securities and retreated to gated communities with private parks and private schools and private police.

We have become a feudal nation, rife with nepotism, and with the lowest social mobility ever. We are more controlled and less free than even our founders were under the rule of a mad king. Our children have less opportunities, more constraints, and more debt than anyone could ever have imagined.

And we have put more of our brothers and sisters into prisons than the most repressive regimes in the world.

We allowed ourselves to become a superficially rich version of a third world nation, with crumbling bridges (built by our parents and grandparents) that we are too cheap to maintain, schools that educated them intentionally impoverished through our mean-hearted refusal to share any of our own dwindling wealth so that the next generation is smart and ready for the challenges of the future, and we get together and brag about how smart we are for being fiscally prudent.

Then we spend our time arguing about how we can most efficiently prevent poor people from voting as we eliminate supports for their children, and we debate endlessly how we are going to humiliate rape victims, and THIS is our normal.

And what do we care about? Seemingly nothing.

We have the talent and the wealth to transform ourselves once again, to create the next generation economy of green power and jobs, to explore the moon and mars in person, and to extend to each of our fellows the care and courtesy of a companion in the struggle to leave the world a better place through our actions and our fellow-feeling.

What do you think our great-grandparents would think of us? 

by Scott Hampton on August 18th, 2013

July and August are the best time to prep your company for fundraising. It's strategy time, September and October are the pitch season - right now most of the financial world is on holiday, the EU is effectively coasting, so you should be prepping your next round.

So I want to share the things that are being talked about at the various strategy sessions I'm working with clients, the meetings I've been to, the boardroom conversations and the bar talk too. 
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