Scott Hampton is far too opinionated

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As Inigo Jones so famously said, "Imparar non trovo."

So here’s the thing. Everything interesting and current that I might want to write about is either in confidentiality or will for sure offend somebody that might be an investor in one of my startups or a potential client or partner or et cetera. So according to my lawyers and advisors I need to be really boring online. Even more boring than I am in real life, which is a challenge. Thus, there won't be much about politics, religion, or sex here (or, as the French say, there will be nothing that matters on this site).

If you are already a friend, you’ve got my phone and email coordinates, so we have that covered. If you were trying to find Scott Hampton and stumbled on this, my professional info can be found on LinkedIn. Hit the "About Me" page for all that jive. I tweet as @mohats because I have more hats. At least, more hats than most.

So what's here? Ruminations, thoughts, ideas, some writings, a place to blog those things I find interesting, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

One thing I promise: I only write about things that I am interested in and passionate about - that means: Innovation, Entrepreneurism, Inventorship, creating great new medical therapies, and occasionally something about social justic and ethics.

And an apology in advance. These are my own opinions and thoughts - they have nothing to do with any of the companies I work with, and do not represent anything or anyone other than myself. Do I need to get lawyers to write this? Ugh.... let's not.

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